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Purchase All Your Pre and Post Welding Heat Treatment Supplies Online from

This is YOUR online source for ordering welding heat treating specialties, such as ceramic mat heaters, thermocouple attachment units (TAUs), Brinell testers, thermocouple wire, insulation, camlocks, recorder supplies, ceramic heater beads, and much more!

HeatandWeld Weld Heat Treating Supplies

Instructions is an online store selling components, parts, and systems used in pre-weld and post-weld heat treatment applications. We offer: Temperature Controls and Recorders, Ceramic Mat Heaters, Brinell Kits, Thermocouples, Thermocouple Wire, Thermocouple Jacks, Conductive Putty, Recorder Supplies, Camlocks, Insulation and Accessories, ...and more.

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  1. Select the product(s) you need in the necessary size and quantity - go to Products. If you do not see what you need, you can request a quote.

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