HB Modules for Bag House & Precipitator Heating

Baghouse and precipitator hoppers experience pluggage problems due to flue gas condensation. This is an expensive and an unnecessary problem. The “HB” Heating Module is designed to eliminate the maintenance nightmare of hopper pluggage.

FM-C-US Approved

Each system is custom built to address the exact needs of the application. The HB Module has been used successfully on thousands of individual precipitator and fabric filter hoppers.

The HB Heating Module has numerous outstanding design features, proven by 30+ years of operation in the field. Their field-proven design include: a robust, flexible, cushion like heater face that provides maximum heat transfer to the hopper surface; low watt density design with flat foil heating elements for efficient heat transfer; and low operating temperatures and increased life; multiple parallel path circuitry design for increased reliability and increased design flexibility; custom design for heating systems to be used up to 600 volts. With minimal series connections; and lightweight, easily handled unit that simplifies installation and minimizes installation costs.