Pre and post-weld heat treating equipment including: power consoles; ceramic mat heaters; thermocouple attachment units (TAUs); pin welders; Brinell testers; Poldi hardness testers; thermocouple wire; insulation; and accessories.

First visit to HeatandWeld.com? HeatandWeld.com is an online store selling components, parts, and systems used in pre-weld and post-weld heat treatment applications.

Temperature Controls and Recorders: Electronic temperature controllers, bulb & cap thermostats, chart recorders, and dataloggers.

Thermocouples, Wire, and Connectors: Thermocouples, thermocouple wire, and thermocouple jacks, and conductive putty.

Resistive Multi and Single Operator Welding Systems: Grids, mainframes and power supplies.

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